The importance of a plan and how to build it effectively.

Whether you have a problem to sort out or a goal to achieve, planning is the only activity that can truly help you.

By developing a good and solid plan you get more confident, and you face things with more serenity.

The pattern that we are about to show you can be applied both to business or life and has been serving well many companies around the world.

There you go:

Situation Analysis

The question here is: Where are you now?

Which resources and skills can you rely on, which strengths?

Is there any point of weakness that you have which might play against you later on?

What is your motivation? What would this mean for you?

Is there anything or anybody who might jeopardize your plan, are you putting all your eggs in one basket? What are the risks?


What do you want to achieve exactly?

Remember, when you set a goal, to make it SMART.


How are you going to achieve this goal from where you are now?

Which are the macro initiatives you are going to work on.


From the macro to the micro: how exactly are you implementing your strategies?


Who does what? And when? Which are the things that you need to do, over a period of time, so that your tactics come to life? Try to build a timeframe.


Every now and then is good to check your progresses against your timeframe to make sure you achieve your goal by the deadline you set.

Good luck and remember:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish. Jeff Rich”


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