ECO Soap

Lately, we have been trying to find new ways to reduce our amount of waste at home. We have started to create our own products at home such as this great recipe for soap. Not only reducing the amount of chemicals we come into contact with but also the amount of packaging we throw away.

We have started to make our own soaps; this particular recipe is for Peppermint scented soap with activated charcoal leaves your skin feeling clean and exfoliated.

This solution has worked really well and we suggest you to try it as well.
What you will need is:

½ Kg of neutral soap (We bought online as we were not comfortable in handling caustic soda)
1 TBSP of activated charcoal powder
5 drops of essential peppermint oils
3 Drops of tea tree oil

Method is very simple
Cut or grate the soap into small pieces and place into a grey metal bowl, place over a pot of boiling water and stir to melt.
Once melted add in other ingredients and stir.
Place into a soap mold (we used cupcake tins) and leave too cool.

There you have it! Your very own Eco friendly soap done in 20 minutes.


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