3 Things to Assess before you ask for a Pay Raise

There is a story going on, on the Internet, and it talks about Elon Musk’s PA. They say she approached Elon asking for a salary review and that after having heard her request, Elon gave her 2 weeks of leave for her hard work and said he would need to think about that.

The two weeks passed, Elon’s PA returned to work and that’s when she found out she wouldn’t get the pay raise. Actually she wouldn’t even have that job anymore.

However she had not been replaced: over the two weeks -according to the story- Elon simply assessed that that role was not needed anymore, that’s all.

Now whether the story is true or not, we know for a fact that many times people take their job for granted by thinking they are absolutely indispensable, and they somehow think that a salary review is a sort of right, something that the employer must grant at least for the years of service, which often is referred to as “experience”.

Experience doesn’t mean much, you are good at something, or you are not. You could have been doing something poorly for ages, and that would just make you experienced but not good.

On another note, we have come across a video from BOB PROCTOR which we thought was pretty cool. According to BOB there are 3 things to keep into account when it comes to your job:

  • What is the need of that job
  • How good you are at that job
  • How easy would it be replacing you

Try to answer these questions with honesty, work on some areas if necessary, and then approach your employer, or potential employer, with a plan, including facts and figures.

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