The Wonders of Canada

One of us here at following a bird is a Canadian, a Canadian living away from Canada. Recently I have taken a trip back home to my Native land of Canadia. I wish to share with you my latest travel experiences.

Visiting Canada as a tourist. Having stayed away from home for quite a while, I didn’t fully ever realise (when I was there) how amazing of a country it is. Pure and incomparable beauty.

Let’s start with the views, I flew into Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital city. Then immediately drove down to Rawdon, Quebec for my families Thanksgiving. Quebec in the fall, trees changing, Every different colour of leaf you could think of. The foliage so beautiful. Next was onto Calgary, Alberta to visit my sister where we went out to Banff and Lake Louise. The mountain range so impressive, watching the sunrise from the mountain is a transcending experience. The colours of the sky hitting the mountains is breathtaking. Another gem hidden away in this massive country. Then it was back to Ottawa and Montreal. Two cities very different but both equally beautiful. Ottawa with the parliament buildings standing on the top of parliament hill like a castle. The river running through the whole city (in the winter this turns into a skating rink!). Then we have Montréal a city like no other, all the types of people in the world. Specifically beautiful in Montreal is the old port. So much history, cobblestone streets against the noisy city leaves you feeling nostalgic. I will include pictures on the “photos” page so you can see what I mean. Truly blessed to have been able to see what I have seen.


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