Preparing for Travel

Planning for a trip of a life time is hard, it requires real hard work and dedication. It is not about just packing a bag and heading on the road. You will need to dedicate lots of time and effort to preparing your journey and you will need to think of things that you had not even considered!

Here are 5 tips in preparing for a trip of a lifetime.

  • Physical
    Whether it be walking, biking, hiking, hitch-hiking, or otherwise it is important for you to become physically prepared. Try walking more in your daily life just to prepare for the beginning of the trip. Try heading to the gym, or lifting some weights to prepare your muscles for your journey. Physical aches, pains and lack of endurance will be a factor weighing in to the enjoyment and progress of your trip. So it is important to try and prepare yourself physically BEFROE you hit the road.
  • Mentally
    Packing up and hitting the road is going to be exciting for sure, but there are some mental aspects that you need to prepare yourself for. Saying your goodbyes to your family and friends is one. You will not be able to see them every day or even talk to them everyday, you will loose touch with some and some relationships will suffer as a result of non-constant communication. This is something you will need to prepare for and come to acceptance with. Saying goodbye to your every day life, this will be one that you will be shocked with, you will not even realise how many things you are saying goodbye to. Your shower, your toilets, your bed, your comfort, your favourite foods, your privacy. The daily life comforts that you have are not something that you can always find in a life on the road. Be prepared for this.
  • Packing
    Packing for your trip will be a big step and require a lot of preparation. You will need to organise yourself with the right pack, as well as all the right gear. (do not be stingy with your gear). Ensuring that you have packed the right supplies, Ie: tent, sleeping bag, first aid kid, stove + cookers as well as proper supplies for your specific destinations (clothing for the weather, mosquito nets etc). Packing requires lots of time, research and dedication. Pack right, travel smooth.
  • Mapping
    Mapping out your journey before hand is a crucial, I repeat crucial step. I am not talking about a day to day itinerary where you do not have the flexibility to stay an extra night if desired. I mean a general mapping, where you will be heading, where are the embassies, where is a hospital, do I have any connections, re-supply stores. As well as what do you want to see. Having a general mapping scheme will help you to be organised and help your trip to flow smoothly.
  • Health
    Being of good health is different to physically. Being of good health you will need to go for a full checkup before your trip so your doctor can assure you that you are fit for the road. Being of good health means having all the proper vaccinations for the destinations you would like to visit.

    These are 5 big steps in preparing for a trip of a lifetime. I hope this helps.
    I hope that through reading and following our experience you will be inspired to join us. Whether it be on the road, or online. We want to hear from you, your experiences your lives. Your story.



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