Beautiful Destinations Visited

As we are envisioning a  Big Trip and trying to get a better picture of where we would want to go. We had been reminiscing about some of the places we have been and wanted to share them with you!

4 Beautiful destinations we have visited and think you should to!

1 Lake Louise, Canada
Lake Louise is a big lake (no kidding!) located just outside of the National Park called Banff in Alberta, Canada. The breathtaking mountains open up to a wide lake. The view is incredible no matter which season you visit. Surrounded by hiking paths, there is always something to do. If you’ve got big bucks to spend – you could even stay the night in the Fairmont hotel, it is a castle-like hotel seated right on the lake, would be an amazing view to wake up to! Surrounded in the wilderness this location in Canada is definitely worth the visit!

2. Iceland, The whole country
Iceland is a place like no other, jaw-dropping beauty. Fresh pools of water, ice bergs, mountains. They have everything. We cannot describe it as well as you can see it for yourself. Iceland, the whole country. You NEED to see it, to believe its pure incomparable beauty.

3. Cape Rienga, NZ
Cape rienga is located in New Zealand at the farthest point north of the country. It is a sight you must, I repeat, must see. It is a long drive up a winding road- but well worth it. Sitting on the peak of the hill is a lighthouse, trail markers and a view that looks out over 2 bodies of water. Cape Rienga is where the Tasman sea meets the Pacific Ocean. I swear you can see a straight line in the middle of the two bodies of water dividing them! A sight for beauty seekers!

4. Aosta, Italy

Aosta, is a valley located about an hour and half outside of Milan. A valley surrounded by beautiful big mountains (Alps, actually). Aosta is an old Roman Village, there are the cathedrals, tombs and amphitheater! And cobble stone streets with plenty of amazing places to eat! This is defi one of the most beautiful/peaceful places we have been. I highly recommend trying to spend your Christmas Holidays in this little town!


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