We are currently travelling New Zealand’s beautiful Northland (Auckland and up). We have visited Matakana, Cape Rienga, Doubtless Bay Area and Bay of Islands.

We would like to share with you one great experience. We have been staying in Airbnb’s and we came across this alternative Airbnb. A little cottage, self sufficient running on rain water with a composting toilet, on a farm with chickens. It was a truly eye opening experience, to see the alternative ways people live their lives.

This is a woman who does not work (in the traditional sense) but instead practices permaculture in her garden, eliminating the need to buy produce from supermarkets. With 20 free-range chickens, again, eliminating the need for supermarkets. Cottage running on water collected from rain, eliminating the need for a water bill. Heating is provided by a fire place, again, reducing bills. This alternative self-sufficient way of living was extremely eye-opening for us. We had already been heading down the path of a more sustainable lifestyle, but to see it in practice is outstanding. This woman has created a little world for herself where she has no need for money. We believe, a liberating situation. We will be exploring more options and ways to practically introduce some of these practices into our “normal” lives. To break through from the ordinary. New Zealand is a truly breathtakingly beautiful country, with incredibly interesting people. Exploring and learning about new ways of living life is crucial. Promise there is more to come on this. In the mean time if you have any experience or information in regards to a self sufficient lifestyle please get in touch with us and let us know your experiences at


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