New Years Resolutions

Another year has gone by, 2017 is passed.
New Year calls for New resolutions.
Resolutions can set out the tone for your whole year. Weather your resolution is to be more active, more friendly or otherwise. What you choose to focus your energy and attention on can have a big impact in determining the way your year will go.

So think hard on them and work consistently.
We will share with you our resolutions here at Following A Bird.

In 2018 we would like to focus more on
-Enjoying life more in the moment. We have constantly been planning for the future that we have forgotten to enjoy the moments we are in. 2018 is about finding a balance between living in the moment and ensuring the future will be bright!
-Taking a step further towards sustainability. In 2018 we are aiming to cut down our emissions even further by making more home products such as dishwashing liquid, washing machine liquid, soap etc. We would like to cut down on the amount of packaging we are responsible for wasting and live more consciously  in respect to the environment.
-Have “me” time. Dedicating some time each and every day towards self improvement and self love. Weather that be studying, meditating, yoga or sport. We will focus energy on putting aside time for ourselves and improving who we are.
-Creating the Balance within our lives. Balancing our time between work, relationships, and hobbies. We will focus on finding the perfect matching between these aspects of our lives.
-Helping others. We would like in the 2018 year to have a positive impact on the environment, world and community. We wish to be a positive influence and help within the lives of others.

There you have it our 2018 resolutions.
If you have any comments on ours, or would like to get in touch to let us know what your resolutions are please send us an email on

We wish you an amazing 2018!!


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