5 Tips To Be More Productive

As we are ringing in the New Year, we are focusing a lot on our resolutions.
We have been reading a few books lately, about time management and productivity as the number of strategies and tactics we will need to implement this year will require a good organization.

Here a few things we have learnt:

  • It is not about managing time, but rather managing yourself in time. This means that it is more about managing time with the things that are the most relevant and not getting lost in a number of activities which are not important for the goal.
  • The Pareto principle: this is probably well-known, in any case it is about the 80/20 rule. According to this principle 20% of all the causes will generate 80% of the results. Examples are: 20% of car drivers generate 80% of car accidents, 20% of customers generates 80% of revenue and so on. This has been proven to be circa accurate and it is important for us as we need to identify and focus on those activities there are essential to our goal. Do less, but do it well.
  • Identify which activities are essential to the project and delegate/outsource the others which are not important or you are not passionate about.
  • Work at least 50 minutes in a row on your project with 10 minutes break. It is very important that there are no distractions: phones must be off, mail software disabled, in other words: you and your project.
  • Measure your progress every week, it will only take 5 minutes.

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