Travel on a budget in New Zealand

Travel can be expensive and any one who has ever lived or been to New Zealand will know: New Zealand IS expensive. A country that offers so much to do and so many beautiful things to see, definitely comes with a price. Just because it is expensive does not mean you should not be able to come and experience it just the same!

Here are 5 Tips to Travel NZ on a Budget

  1. Accomodation: Less is more!
    If you will be travelling through New Zealand for a period of time it is important to have your accomodation sorted. Accomodation can be extremely expensive. Hotels will cost you $200 plus per night. The cheapest most efficient way to travel through NZ (great for backpackers) is when you get here, buy a car, convert the back into a bed and you have a mobile house, sell car at the end of your trip this is a great website to buy NZ Backpacker Cars and Vans. There are also solutions like Workaway that give you accomodation for volunteering and House sitting organisations that give you accomodation! If however, you prefer a bit more comfort while travelling, airbnb and hostels are the way to go.
  2. Food
    Everyone has gotta eat, right and New Zealand food prices are outrageous. So tip: SKIP going out for any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner at a sit down restaurant will cost you minimum $45. Thats $45 that you can spend on activities or ANYTHING other than food. A good solution for this is to get groceries, Make oats, sandwiches and rice, buy things from Pak’N’Save and cook yourself. You will save a ton of money this way.
  3. Company
    Travel with people, whether a friend wants to take the trip with you or you meet travellers in a hostel. Try and travel with someone. This means that all costs: Gas/Petrol, accomodation, food will now be divided in however many people you are, instead of you always floating the bill of 1 person.
  4. Plane Tickets
    This one will require planning and research. New Zealand is basically the farthest place in the world, isolated in the ocean. Naturally, it is very expensive to purchase a ticket here (Mainly if you are coming from Europe or The Americas). It can cost you upwards of $2000 return! So plan your trip in advance, and keep monitoring all the airlines. If you don’t mind long waits in airports you can even try booking through 3rd party airfare companies like or Flighthub and of course the most popular SkyScanner. If you can find the lowest price airfare, you have much more money to do things when you are here!
  5. Naked Bus
    For Transportation, skip the pricey travelling and opt for the Naked Bus. The Naked bus provides Cheap transport all over NZ so you can save your $$.Travelling to New Zealand on a Budget is definitely possible. I hope these 5 Tips help you in making your visit a great one!

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