Financial Freedom

This seems to be a theme which is enjoying a steady and increasing popularity. At quick glance, it’s not difficult to imagine why but, even so, if you look at it for a bit longer, you will see many people wishing for that, but not doing anything for that. How come?

For a few people we know, the only plan is playing lotto, but of course without “making a career” out of that. In other words: if they win, great, if they don’t, everything was meant to stay the same indefinitely. In general most of us tend to live cheque to cheque, in busier and busier lives, spending money on some well deserved instantly satisfying perks.

We have read a lot about this, and also spent a bit of money in material and courses. For us, the reality is that becoming financially free is a journey that requires several areas of our life streamlined to achieve the goal. There is an entire industry devoted to tell you how to make money, this industry is fuelled by the increasing social discomfort and lack of jobs and security. However, we have noted that they always fail to tell you, clearly, that the main ingredients are patience, time, perseverance. Of course, they always present their tips as if there was a magic way to do this but for many of us, there is not. And this people, who sell their tips in prolix  DVDs and books have, in many instances, made their money by telling you something that they wouldn’t have achieved without those products.

In this post we tell you about a few situations where you can actually make lots of money, quickly and safely, but these are opportunities that only a limited number of people can use and still require some work, or luck.

If you are not in any of the situations above, then you need a plan. Here we share our experience about improving our financial status on a longer term basis.

But before the “how and what” we want to talk about the “why”. This is a hard exercise that requires to re-think our lifestyle and it is important that you build a dream for yourself, a vision of what you want out of your life: why do you want to be financially free? Try do define clearly what excites you. What excites you is what makes you happy. Build a vision for yourself as you will need motivation to achieve this goal over the next few years and, without a strong reason “why”, it will be very hard to achieve it.

Talk soon



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