Get wealthy in short time, is it possible? The A-Plan

When it comes to money, we think in terms of “A” plan and “B” plan. They are not alternative to each other, we keep them running simultaneously, all the time. While the “B” plan requires long time and focus, the “A” plan is about things that might happen any time and affect your life in a short span of time.

In other words, the “A” plan answer the question: “How can I get wealthy and financially free quickly?”, whilst the “B” plan is “If I don’t find the magic recipe to become rich quickly, how can I make sure I will be financially free one day?”.

We have been doing lots of research and we came to the conclusion that there are some instances where people have seen their financial condition changed dramatically and in a short time:

  1. By marrying somebody who is wealthy or,
  2. By inheriting substantial amounts or,
  3. By selling a business which had been built successfully or,
  4. By franchising a successful business model: you could make money on royalties as well as rights to use the brand,
  5. By subdividing a plot of land in multiple residences;
  6. By creating the next start-up (apps, games, ect.);
  7. By expanding a business model: if your business allows you to pay all your costs and generate an income for you and your family, if you have brought it there, what is preventing you from bringing it further?
  8. By leveraging some sort of artistic or sport talent, such as writing a best seller, or becoming popular actors, singers, ect.
  9. By investing lots of money is something that turns around to be high return, like a small capital company.
  10. By winning the lottery.

As you can see, this are unlikely events, or things that not everyone can rely on, they are not impossible, just in limited supply.

Because of this, we also work on a “B” plan to achieve our dream.

Talk soon




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