How much junk do you have… I don’t mean how mean just how much clothes or books you have.. I mean how much junk do you have lying around your house, things that you have bought and never used, things that you don’t remember buying, things people have gifted.
We looked around our house, we realised we had way, way too much junk lying around. We were always getting irritated by the amount of stuff we had, we were constantly shoving things in drawers just to avoid looking at it anymore. Then the drawer overflowed and we were left to deal with the mess of our junk

We’ve started to downshift. Get rid and be light.

In the last month we have sold/thrown away/donated

  1. 5 bags of clothes we never wore
  2. A desk we never used
  3. A desk chair we have NEVER sat in
  4. A bookshelf
  5. About 100 books we’ll never read again
  6. A bean bag chair
  7. A tv stand

This is only the beginning. We feel much better much lighter and much, much more free.
We have what we need, and we are not missing anything. We have lots more things to get rid of.

We invite you to rid your life of the junkLess cost of salesF lying around as well!


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