Why I Quit My Job

So yes, I quit my job!

I was living (working) in New Zealand in a company I really liked doing a job I really liked, so why would I quit?

Well after a long weekend, spending time outdoors with people I care about I realised that on Tuesday I needed to head back to the office 9-530 and in that very moment I realised that I am not living for myself. I live for my company. “This is not my life”.

So I gave my notice and quit. I want to do great things with my life, I want to change the world, explore, inspire, and I could have never done that from behind my desk. It was a great job, a job I could have stayed at, woken up in 20 years and still been there at the exact same desk. no.

I will discover a pathway for a better life with less time behind a desk.

(Photo, Palazzo Ducale, Venice – looking out at venice from a jail cell)


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