The Best Pizza I Have Ever Had!

As I said in my previous post, I am here in Italy. I am staying in Milan, as its my boyfriends home town. In the little over a month  that I have been here, I have eaten enough pizza to satisfy the hunger of a large town. In my rapid consumption of pizza, I need to post about one spot in particular, as it was the absolute best pizza I have ever had.

I 12 Gatti. 

The 12 cats restaurant, or in Italian I 12 Gatti Pizzeria. Makes by far the best pizza I have ever had. Apart from the lovely story of an old lady and her cats living there once upon a time, the location is spectacular. It is right on top of the “galleria” in the centre of Milan looking out to Duomo. With a terrace, walkway on the top of the galleria.

download (1)

Apart from this view, we need to talk about one Pizza in particular. Buffalo e Culatello

This Pizza, cooked in a wood fire oven, is melt in your mouth delicious. The base is thin, crust is thick and fluffy and the quality of the ingredients they use are excellent. This Pizza will set you back €17 (circa $25), but well, well worth it.


The base, a 10/10 with a dough that doesn’t make you feel like “omg I just ate this entire pizza, why did I do this to myself” but rather, “wow, I finished that whole Pizza and I don’t even need to unbutton my pants!”. The Buffalo Mozzarella is so perfectly melted and the culatello is added just as the pizza comes out of the oven. Drizzled in either oil or butter (I still can’t tell). Completely melts in your mouth, the perfect combination and an absolute MUST if you’re in Milan (and if you eat meat, but if you don’t there are other vegetarian options that I’m sure are just as good!).

I have been twice already and I will definitely be going back a 3rd time before leaving. A truly bar-raising experience, and 100% Olivia approved.


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