The Next Chapter

I’ve left Italy.

I’m starting a new chapter of life and one that’s super exciting! I’m on my way to Canada, (my partner meeting me there) to see my family, before heading back to my home for the last 2 years, New Zealand.

One super exciting thing waiting for me(us) in NZ is our Bongo… not Bongo like the Drum but Bongo like this badass down here

That there is Bongo. A van we bought and turned into our self contained home. For the next 3 months the plan is to live/work/travel NZ in Style, Bongo style.

How this idea came to be: we wanted to see NZ and honestly the only affordable way to do it is via Van. Hotels can set you back $200 per night and a hostel about $45/pp. So taking out our calculator and considering that we’re selling Bongo at the end adds up to one good idea.

Travelling in a van will allow us to travel at our pace, go where we want to go and see what we want to see! No boundaries and no limitations! The world (country) is ours!

Keep posted for more !


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