Niagara Falls

So, the other day I did something really touristy and very Canadian, that I have surprisingly never done before! NIAGARA FALLS!
So for those of you who don’t know, Niagara Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world! With the US/CANADA border running directly through the falls.

6 Quick Facts about it just to peak your interest:
1. It is a location that attracts 30 Million visitors per year.
2. It is actually made up of 3 different waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil falls and the Horseshoe falls.
3. Nearly 20 million litres of water travel over the falls PER MINUTE.
4. It is the fastest moving waterfall on the planet.
5. As of 2018, Niagara falls is the number 1 honeymoon destination in the world!
6. Part of the falls is in Ontario, Canada and the other part is in New York, USA.
Maid oM
(Niagara falls & Maid of the Mist – Taken by me #copyright #dontstealmyphoto)

Once you’re there, you can take a walk along the side of the falls (on the Canadian side) and observe a stunning view. (Wonderful Instagram opportunities!!) There are loads of activities and excursions to do ie: boat rides, zip lining etc.. We opted for 2: Maid of the mist and the Journey Behind the Falls.

Maid of the Mist is a boat ride, that takes you to the centre of the waterfall, literally so close to the water falling that I truly had to leave the front of the boat because I thought the Captain could not see and was accidentally taken us too far in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (be aware, you will get soaked).

Journey Behind the Falls is an elevator ride down to the bottom so you can look at the water flowing from nearly behind the falls at the bottom. Then a tunnel behind the actual waterfall for you to look at. You really cannot understand the strength of the waterfall until you’re underneath is and looking at it from behind! RECOMMEND (DO NOT DO IF YOU’RE CLAUSTROPHOBIC).

(Me on the maid of the Mist)

After you’ve seen the actual falls, take a stroll into the main road for all the touristy traps, ugh attractions… Did I say traps… oops I meant attractions! Sort of like a miniature, very miniature Vegas. There is the Niagara falls strip, designed to occupy your time, and empty your wallet! There are a few things to see that I would recommend and then things I will advise you to stay away from!
The ferris wheel, I recommend, at the top you get to stop and have a beautiful view of the falls from up in the air!
Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum – Yes, I recommend, it is a cool little museum, with some games. It is neat to see!
Wax Museum – Avoid, I was so looking forward to this, because I’ve seen so many photos – but they’re super inaccurate. Skip it and go to the one in London, ON.
Moving Theatre – 100% pass…. (unless you have kids)
Go Karting – 100% recommend!

There will be more on the Niagara trip later, when I walk through Niagara on the Lake!

Niagara falls, 100% Olivia Approved!


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