Workplace Differences

When we talk about being eco-friendly many times I hear people saying “yeah but what difference can I make, I’m just one person…” It is so true, you are just 1 person! The answer to your question is “a huge one” because change starts with just 1 person. It is all about choosing the life you want to live and finding the balance that is right.
I will be highlighting and giving examples of where and when we can make a difference for the better.
“Everyday you wake up is a chance to start new, you just have to choose to do so”. (unkown).

Let’s talk about how you can make a change in the workplace.

  1. Go Paperless.
    Going paperless is a new age idea. So many business are moving towards a paperless workplace (given exceptions of compliance reasons, sometimes it is required to keep documents on premise). Anywhere you can avoid printing, avoid it. Write notes down on your computer, have open the notes tab, send electronic receipts to an email . Suggest this idea to your management team as I am sure they will love to hear their employees taking initiative.
  2. Choose products wisely.
    When purchasing supplies/products for your workplace, no matter what it is – accounting, restaurant, school. Anyplace can make a difference. For example restaurants can choose to buy eco-friendly, animal cruelty free products. Don’t buy a product that includes palm oil in it. Having just one business make this change can have a larger impact on the sales and strategies of these suppliers, they can then decide to create the same product in a way that’s eco friendly and will make more people buy it!
    The most basic idea ever, do not throw away waste. Paper, paper goes in the recycling. This ties in with the previous point, choose products that can be composted, reused or recycled. Another example, one probably every workplace has…. Coffee. In my office we use Nespresso. We were throwing all the pods straight in the garbage. Until one day it dawned on me, that wait… these can be RECYCLED….. FOR FREE. I emailed my entire office and told them we’re done with waste. One small effort from one individual, has now saved 3200 pods from ending up in a landfill.

These are just 3 simple examples of how you can make a difference in the workplace. One person can make all the difference. Which difference will you make?


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